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Masking the Truth: Don Jeffries

In Masking the Truth: How COVID-19 Destroyed Civil Liberties and Shut Down the World, best-selling author Donald Jeffries thoroughly documents what he calls "The Greatest Psyop in the History of the World." From padding the stats for "COVID" deaths that were from other causes, to admitting the COVID-19 strain has never been isolated, to covering up the massive numbers of deaths and injuries from the "Warp Speed" vaccine, Jeffries shows how we have been lied to repeatedly about every aspect of the COVID narrative, from the very beginning.

Hidden History: Don Jeffries

Starting with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Don Jeffries chronicles a wide variety of issues that have plagued our country's history. Whether it is the assassinations of MLK and RFK, Iran-Contra, the Oklahoma City bombing, TWA Flight 800, voting fraud, or 9/11, every major disaster or war that we've witnessed has somehow been distorted by those who are supposed to be protecting us. Jeffries also delves into extensive research on the death of John F. Kennedy, Jr. - and what he finds will shock you.

Bullyocracy: Don Jeffries

Donald Jeffries turns his critical eye onto the topic of bullying to show how teachers, principals, and other school officials invariably side with the bullies in the most egregious cases, instead of protecting the victims. He also shows how many so-called anti-bullying activists and nearly all the professional “experts” excuse bullying and in fact laud sociopathic behavior in general.  This curious phenomenon is due to the power and influence of the social hierarchy, and it revolves to a great extent around the enduring popularity of sports. His investigation into what has become one of the most talked about issues in America.............

Survival of the Richest: Don Jeffries

American industry has been gutted, with wages and benefits stagnant or reduced, thanks to a disastrous trade deals, outsourcing, and the crippling of unions. The Occupy Wall Street movement, and the presidential campaigns of both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, reveals how more and more people who are struggling understand that the system is rigged against them.

While Americans have been trained to direct their scorn at welfare recipients and the poor in general, a tiny handful of plutocratic elites have profited on an unfathomable scale through corporate welfare...............

Crimes and Cover-Ups in American Politics: Don Jeffries

For far too long, American history has been left in the unreliable hands of those that author Donald Jeffries refers to as the court historians. Here he fights back by scrutinizing the accepted history on the assassination on everything from the American War of Independence to the establishment reputation of Thomas Jefferson and the other Founding Fathers, the Civil War, the Lincoln assassination, both World Wars, US government experimentation on prisoners, mental patients, innocent children and whole populated areas, the Lindbergh baby kidnapping and much, much more.

On Borrowed Fame: Don Jeffries

This meticulously researched book explores the concept of fame in all its fleeting glory and confounding inconsistency. Why do so many entertainers do so much better financially than peers who have comparable resumes? Author Donald Jeffries also examines a subject he is quite familiar with; the myriad of unnatural deaths which have plagued the entertainment industry since the dawn of Hollywood. The deaths of John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Natalie Wood, and many others are scrutinized in exacting detail. Jeffries communicated with many older entertainers during the course of researching the book, and..............

The Unreals: Don Jeffries

Waldo Billingsly has just received a sentimental letter from his grandfather, Old Hoss. It's a note that sets in motion a rollicking adventure full of characters with names like Brisbane and Phosphate, classic cars like 1965 Dodge Darts, magical cornfields, and top doo-woppers. The Unreals lives up to its namesake with everything from an Extremely Untouchable Ward to a Garden of Old Movie Monsters where one of the book's surreal characters, Bucktooth, comments, "This water sure tastes real."

School World Order: John Klyczek

For more than twenty years, Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt has been warning the American people of the New World Order stratagem to overthrow democratically elected school boards with public-private partnerships between the federal government and globalist corporations. In this volume, John Klyczek expounds on Iserbyt's theories by tracing her work to the present moment as a last ditch effort to stop the corporatization of education. Klyczek explores how the infamous Yale Secret Society, Skull and Bones, utilized Robber Baron philanthropy and stimulus-response psychological conditioning to institute a corporatist system of workforce training...............

Bite: Gardner Goldsmith

Take a tour of unseen Vegas -- the dirty underworld only the dead can see… What would you do if your career began with promise, if your plans for life seemed well on their way, but, due to your own mistakes, the bottom suddenly dropped out? What if that clean, prosperous, happy family life was lost, and you were left to slide deeper and deeper into the “underground”, each strange job more obscure and bizarre than the next? Where would you land? How long could you stomach that world? Could you do the kind of job that others fear or don’t believe exists? Sylvester Cole can. He has for too many years, and now he wants out. 

Fishing: Gardner Goldsmith

Now… A sociopathic murderer escapes from a prison transport vehicle in early ‘Seventies Massachusetts, intent on finding a teenage girl in distant Vermont.

Then… Two schoolgirls run away to a ‘Sixties hippie commune on a farm west of Boston. There, they believe they will discover the freedom and love they’ve been lacking.

None of them will find precisely what they seek.

The Public Weal and You: Vince Agnelli

Just as incredible it is to see decades of continuous cultural destruction in the United State through the use of Karl Marx's Sociology, we find ourselves faced with the same core demon as our founders had to deal with in the 1770s. Here is a reminder to my fellow Americans that acknowledging that our political system has fallen down and is now in need to replacement. The correct move here is to peacefully restore the foundation put down by this nations struggle from tyranny in 1776 and that is why I have tried to split the difference between being high brow and street wise with The Public Weal and You. 

Is it Rigged: Vince Agnelli

Is it Rigged? Is an independent investigation into the Virginia 2012 General election. It seeks to explore the possibility of fraud or “rigging” through the Absentee ballot system and conversely expose On-site (election day) fraud when it appears. One candidate for the 2016 general election has made the claim that voting is “Rigged”. This book shows if there are any potential problems for the 2016 election, through the author’s opinion. The author also offers suggestions where his opinion warrants. The author belongs to no political party.

The Octopus of Global Control: Charlie Robinson

The Octopus of Global Control is a controversial, nonfiction book detailing how those in positions of power are able to manipulate society for their benefit, why they believe that they are entitled to impose their warped world view of reality on mankind, and how we can break free from their grip.The eight tentacles of control that are wrapped around humanity are the Military, Governmental, Covert, Physical, Financial, Media, Spiritual, and Scientific. The book tackles topics such as uncovering the Deep State, false flag terror events, the media’s role in manufacturing wars, the 9/11 deception, the fraud of central banking, our broken education system...........

Hypocrazy: Charlie Robinson

Western SOCIETY has become a difficult place for many people to navigate due to the constantly shifting moral values, cultural double standards, the outright manipulation of reality by the MEDIA, a dangerous consolidation in the BUSINESS community, and the strange WOKE agenda.

The many WARS that have been started by psychopathic GOVERNMENTS, be they against other countries or things like drugs and COVID, have worked to shake peoples’ BELIEFS in the institutions that they once trusted with their lives.

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Kill Decision: Daniel Suarez

Linda McKinney studies the social behavior of insects—which leaves her entirely unprepared for the day her research is conscripted to help run an unmanned and automated drone army.
Odin is the secretive Special Ops soldier with a unique insight into a faceless enemy who has begun to attack the American homeland with drones programmed to seek, identify, and execute targets without human intervention.
Together, McKinney and Odin must slow this advance long enough for the world to recognize its destructive power. But as enigmatic forces press the advantage, and death rains down from above,..........

Infected: Ralph La Guardia M.D.

INFECTED: SECRETS FROM THE MEDICAL UNDERGROUND, will teach you how to prevent and treat ANY INFECTION you may encounter. Learn how the different systems of your body work to repel infections, and how you can enhance each one. You will learn previously unknown methods to supercharge your body's immune system, preventing most infections from ever starting. These are secrets only known to a handful of courageous

The Doomsday Book of Medicine: Ralph La Guardia M.D.

What are you and your family going to do after a collapse of society when there are no doctors and medications available, and the pharmacies and hospitals have been looted? You can prepare for every disaster scenario, but if you are not able to treat medical emergencies and injuries that arise, how long will you last? This book will teach you everything you need to know to keep you and your loved ones healthy. Dr. La Guardia has spent over thirty years researching ways to treat any and all medical conditions with non prescription, over the counter and everyday products, many of which will amaze you. 

The Bible of Alternative Medicine: Ralph La Guardia M.D.

How many times have you wanted to use an alternative or natural treatment for a medical problem but hesitated because you did not know where to start, well the Bible of Alternative Medicine will answer that problem for you. I want you to have your own comprehensive guide of over 550 pages that covers almost every problem you would encounter. But The Bible of Alternative Medicine is more than that, it teaches you not only how you should treat something but why. For example, did you know you should almost never treat a fever and more importantly why you should let a fever burn?

Wall: Gardner Goldsmith

Robert Fitch and Toby Chalmers are two obscure professors defending an unorthodox theory…

Both men believe that, thousands of years before what we have been told was the start of human history, there were other cultures – powerful, strange cultures -- that traded and communicated around the globe. When peers bother to acknowledge the two men, their views are met with scorn and derision, their names mentioned to the accompaniment of chuckles and jabs…

But that is about to change.

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